Things to do in Salisbury

There are plenty of attractions in Salisbury, lots of things to do to fill your time whether you’re here for a day, or the weekend. Now you know there is an escape room for you and your family or friends to do, what else would we personally recommend?

Our favourite attractions in Salisbury

Most visitors start in Cathedral Close. Of course, Salisbury is known for its tallest spire and now its nesting peregrine falcons (click here to see the live feed) at Salisbury Cathedral. You can climb the tower steps if you’re feeling energetic. Or you can marvel at the world’s oldest working mechanical clock. The latter is a must if you’re like us and love mechanical wonders.

But this doesn’t all have to be about the exceedingly pretty Cathedral Close and all the obvious attractions within its walls. How about I tell you about some of the less obvious?

The entrance to Cathedral Close from Salisbury High St

Real treasure

Another thing Salisbury is famous for is its creative types. There are still stone masons working at the Cathedral for instance, you can even pay them a visit. Independent artists, musicians and writers play a huge part in the area, there’s a lot of it on show and for sale at the wonderful Fisherton Mill. Ceramics, glass ware, jewellery, pottery, metal work and cake. If you want a souvenir of your time in Salisbury, I would come here rather than the Cathedral gift shop.

If you’re into rummaging around in other peoples’ stuff, there are three great antique centres within walking distance of the city centre. Starting with my favourite, The Phoenix Emporium. It may be a few minutes walk out of town, but you could always jump in your car and drive, as there is parking right outside. There are lots and lots of units under one roof, packed full of vintage goodies and collectable antiques. 

If you’re in the city, on your way to Fisherton Mill you could drop in to Fisherton Warehouse. As soon as you walk through the door you’re faced with a never ending display of collectables. From old post boxes to old Bakelite phones. Then there’s Salisbury Antique’s Market. First impressions may be that it’s more expensive than the other outlets, but have a good rummage and you might just discover a bargain.

Ever changing entertainment

Since the slow opening up of things after COVID, there has been announcement after announcement of exciting live outdoor entertainment coming to the Market Square. As well as the continental appeal of all the cafes and bars with plenty of outdoor seats to enjoy the passers by, there are more events scheduled. There’s City Encounters, with free performances to book your tickets for. In the Cathedral Close there will also be a performance of Macbeth by the fantastic  Lord Chamberlain’s Men theatre company. You can view all of this year’s outdoor events across the city on the Wiltshire Creative site.

There are also plans to open an outdoor live music and street food venue on Brown Street. We’re very much looking forward to visiting. Here’s the latest at time of writing: Salisbury Journal Article

Queen Elizabeth Gardens Salisbury

The attractive Queen Elizabeth Gardens

City in the countryside

Visiting a city these days is mostly about experiencing their amazing escape rooms, or the old parts. Along with getting a hair cut, manicure and the usual coffee shop stop. But there truly aren’t many cities that have water meadows and sheep as part of the view. 

A few meters off the high street and you will reach Queen Elizabeth Gardens. A lovely green space with swings and things for the kids. From the park you can join a number of footpaths, one of which snakes through the meadows with sheep all the way to a lovely pub.

Old Mill Hotel Salisbury

The Old Mill Hotel is a short stroll through the countryside from the centre of the city

I will be addling a part two to this Attractions in Salisbury blog post shortly. In the meantime, check out the availability of our escape experiences.



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