At what was thought to be an abandoned facility in the heart of Salisbury, there’s been movement. People have...

How it works

Get together

Bring your team of up to 8 players. They could be friends, family, work colleagues or even all three.

The countdown begins

The adventure begins. Look around the room, search for clues on what to do. Find the puzzles and solve them by working together.

Make your escape

Time goes fast and before you know it you will all be on tenterhooks as you battle your last puzzle to escape. It will all be worth it for the cheers as you open the final door.

Come and play

  • Friends & Family
  • Corporate team building
  • Game Lovers
  • Celebrations


This a really good example of an escape room done really well: great puzzles, collaborative tasks, and a really good theme.
Paul B - Trip Advisor
The set is pretty, the props are beautiful, there's an intriguing story, the puzzles are logical and varied and the GMing was great. This game has it all.
Ken F - The Logic Escapes Me
It's challenging yet rewarding and has so many unique elements you don't find in other escape rooms. Plus the hosts are passionate, creative and basically very clever!
Andrew R - FAcebook
A brilliant team building experience. Well designed and great fun to watch the other teams after you! Highly recommend if you have an hour to spare in Salisbury
Fran B - Trip Advisor

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