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Players: 2 – 8
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: From £20pp
Players under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
(not suitable for children’s parties)

The story

At what was thought to be an abandoned science facility in the heart of the city of Salisbury, there has been movement.

Once a renowned facility for the RESPECT Foundation the scientists have been missing for over 20 years.

You and your team must infiltrate the facility, uncover the mystery surrounding their disappearance and escape within the hour.

Filled with unique puzzles, special effects and thrilling twists and turns, SPECTRE at Live Escape Rooms Salisbury has been voted one of the top 100 escape rooms in the UK. 

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Players: 3- 5
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £20pp
Players must be over 16 
(not suitable for children’s parties)

The story

Play The Brig escape room in Salisbury at our 14th century venue in The Cross Keys.  This game can be played on its own with up to 5 players or as part of a versus escape experience for 4-11 people.

Captured by the East India Trading Company you and your pirate crew have been chained up and locked in the brig of their galleon, anchored in Salisbury Docks.

When the King’s men arrive you and your crew will face the executioner.

Use your collective cunning to escape your floating prison and reclaim your treasure (currently being plundered at The Plume of Feathers Inn).

NOTE: As a captured pirate be aware you will be chained up in this game.

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Players: 2- 6
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £60 per team
Players must be over 14 
(not suitable for children’s parties)

The story

Rumoured to be dead, Captain Bartholomew and his crew have been captured alive by the East India Trading Company and are being held in the brig of a ship moored at Salisbury Docks.

With the King’s men an hour away, and nobody watching Bartholomew’s treasure (held at The Plume of Feathers Inn) an ideal opportunity awaits to open the chests and liberate the loot before anyone figures out what’s happened. 

You will have the use of our beautiful pirate tavern here at Live Escape Rooms Salisbury to see if you can solve your way through three pirate chests. 

This time you will be up against the clock but all in one spot, focussed on the puzzles in front of you at the captain’s table. 

Hidden mechanisms, cool props, plenty of puzzles plus you can purchase a glass of ale or wine to sip for while you play.  

(This game is for those who love puzzles  – so may not be suitable for players under 14).

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The Brig & Pieces of Eight - versus game

Players: 4- 11
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £60 for puzzle chests + £20pp in The Brig
Players must be over 16 
(not suitable for children’s parties)

The story

Captain Barthlomew’s crew are shackled and locked in The Brig of a galleon ship on Salisbury Docks. The perfect opportunity to liberate their loot being held in The Plume of Feathers Inn.

Can Bartholomew’s crew break out of The Brig to reclaim their treasure, or will the looters break into the chests while their rivals are still stuck in their cells?

It’s a race against the death knell as it 60 minutes the executioner will hang you all!

Whether you’re looking for a game for more players or simply fancy going up against one another our versus game will suit. You will all be sharing the same space and be able to see each other’s progress through the game. The perfect opportunity to bring out your competitive sides.

Find out more about team building here.


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Music at The Tavern

June 18th, 7.30pm

Join us for a themed music event in Salisbury, at our 14th century venue in the heart of the city.

Step inside the pirate tavern, and take a seat to enjoy a night of fantastic music and songs by vocalist Rachel Delooze and guitarist Sam Bird.

This is a very small and intimate evening with only 20 tickets available to purchase. There is limited seating in our pirate gaol cells.

Rachel is an actress and musician,  as well as a singer and performs regularly at events in Salisbury. You may have seen her at Salisbury’s recent St George’s Day celebrations.

She is also the ‘proprietor’ of the Plume of Feathers Inn when the escape rooms are open. Welcoming ships’ crew and pirates alike into the tavern for games, ales , rum and wines. Find out more about Rachel at

Our Grade II listed building forms part of the Plume of Feathers Yard just off Queen Street. Opposite is another regularly photographed site the original Jacobean staircase. Our venue and the yard itself is regularly featured in Salisbury’s guided tours by the Blue Badge City Guides.

Tickets cost just £25 per person.

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Watch the first rehearsals at the Plume of Feathers Inn

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