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Become a paranormal investigator for the night

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Discover the spirits of one of Salisbury's most haunted buildings

Join our experts for an evening you’re unlikely to forget on a Salisbury ghost hunt, exploring all three floors of this 14th century building at Salisbury’s Cross Keys Shopping Centre.

There are many buildings in Salisbury which are said to be haunted. But ghost hunters are always surprised when they witness the levels of activity here.

Strange dragging noises, white mist, ghostly figures at the windows and plates smashing in the kitchen – just some of the activity Spire Spooks Paranormal have witnessed since starting their investigations in 2019.

This is an opportunity for exclusive access to experience first hand what happens after dark when the escape rooms close.

Come along and be prepared to expect the unexpected…

What happens on your salisbury ghost hunt?

The Spire Spooks Paranormal team, cousins Barry King and Ian Crowley, have been investigating buildings in the city since 2019. Using the latest equipment they have managed to contact a number of spirits at Live Escape Salisbury. 

The ghost hunts take place from 9pm to 1.30am and cost £45 per person  (Over 18s only).. During the evening the group of up to eight people will use specialised equipment to detect activity: from EMF meters and cat balls to REM pods and Spirit Boxes. Find out more about what you will be using here.

Groups will also experience table tipping and hopefully communicate with spirits via a table and glass.

There will of course be regular breaks when required. 

Orbs have been seen on the old staircase
Haunted Salisbury kitchen
Spectral mists & noises in the kitchen
Meet the spirit of Rachel on the second floor
The route to the spooky back coridoor

Who you may meet

Spire Spooks Paranormal have carried out countless investigations here and are often contacted by the same spirits on each visit.

Downstairs, along the corridor leading to the fire escape, both Barry and Ian have felt the presence of Evan – a cleaner who used to work at the then tea rooms. He’s also been known to frequent what was the kitchen, on the first floor. The team has recently discovered Evan has a false eye.

During the 1800s, a large part of what is called Plume of Feathers Yard at The Cross Keys was an inn, with its own stables. On the second floor at Live Escape Salisbury Barry and Ian have often had contact with a gentleman named Owen, who revealed he attended the horses in said stables.

In the ground floor office is probably one of the most active spirits, Charlotte, who was also contacted when the late Derek Akorah performed his investigations for the TV show Ghost Towns.

Charlotte died when she was just seven years of age and responds particularly well when the Spire Spooks team plays music (watch the video at the top of this page).

Charlotte’s brother Harry and mother Rachel also haunt the building. Harry is five years old and spends his time on the first floor. Rachel mostly communicates on the second floor, as well as what was the kitchen. According to Barry and Ian, Rachel’s family, including her husband and parents, worked and lived at the Plume of Feathers Inn.

what to do now

We are now welcoming investigators. If you would like any more information about the Salisbury ghost hunt you can call the Spire Spooks Paranormal team on 07516 554001

Follow them on Facebook for the latest events and news on sightings. You can also get in touch via the contact form here

To book your investigation,  simply select the last Saturday of the month  on the calendar below and the number of people you wish to bring.  The cost is £45 per person. Over 18s only.

If you would like to book a Sunday night ghost experience, the minimum number of people is six.
Call 07516 554001 to reserve your place.

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