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Plunder the treasure chests in Pieces of Eight (2 to 6 buccaneers)
Be shackled up with your crew mates and escape The Brig (2 to 5 buccaneers)

Bring your team

If you’re looking for team building in Salisbury, our experiences in the city centre are the perfect activities to book. Sign up to our newest experience ‘The Medieval Games’ and go head to head. Alternatively, escape rooms are fun and rely completely on a team working together to succeed. More and more companies are cottoning on to the benefits of playing escape rooms together and bringing out their employees’ competitive sides. Read more about the benefits in our blog.

Our 14th century venue at The Cross Keys Shopping Centre
Enjoy drinks while playing The Medieval Games at The Plume of Feathers

Exclusive venue hire

At our stunning location at The Cross Keys Shopping Centre in Salisbury we can create an exclusive experience just for you. On the third floor of our 14th century building you can hold your meetings in private and enjoy refreshments at our tavern bar. It’s the perfect base of operations while everyone enjoys their escape room experiences with us. 

The tavern is also the venue for The Medieval Games. A hosted interactive experience for up to 16 people.

Please contact us for details on how we can create your bespoke team day. 

Your teambuilding options

Try our new experience...

Bring out your team’s competitive sides in one of our versus experiences for 8 to 16 players.

Split into two teams, the ‘Noble Noughts’ and the ‘Crooked Crosses’ you hosts will guide you through a tourney of frivolous games. Each team must wager their coin depending on how likely they are to win each game. The team with the most coin by the end – wins!

The games can be physical, skill, creative, lateral..so are accessible to everyone.

The tavern bar will be open during the games.

Up to 16 people can play at the same time in The Medieval Games

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(For bookings in May only. Excludes Saturdays)

Play the versus game

Our pirate themed versus experience for up to 11 players.

Up to 5 crew mates are shackled into The Brig and up to 6 buccaneers are playing our puzzle treasure chests Pieces of Eight.

Everyone is in the same room, racing against each other to win. The puzzles in the two games are different to one another but equally as challenging.

If the pirates locked in The Brig escape within the 60 minutes and before the looters find the treasure in the chests, they win. If the looters get to the treasure before the pirates in The Brig get out of their watery gaol, then they win!

The teams can even then swap over games and play again.

Up to 11 people can be in the same space playing together in a versus

(For bookings in May only. Excludes Saturdays)

More than 11 players?

Across all our games: The Smallsbury Toy Company escape room (6 players), the versus game (11 players) and The Medieval Games (16 players) we can host up to 33 players in two hours. 

Your team can exclusively use our entire venue for as long as you wish. Play our games all day – rotating players across all experiences and/or use our Medieval tavern for meetings or just socialising.

The team benefits


Succeeding at an escape room is impossible without team mates talking to each other. Our experiences encourage players to put their heads together and solve the puzzle that faces them. We often find it is the ‘quiet ones’ who are the most effective  – it’s always great to hear them speak up and drive the team forward.

Team work

Talking to one another is one thing, but knowing how to pull together at the right time is imperative for an efficient and effective business. Many of our puzzles require collaboration. Those who work well with others will do particularly well in the escape room. There’s nothing more satisfying than solving a puzzle together.


Does your team not get together very often out of the office? Perhaps you have different bases throughout the UK? Do your colleagues only ever see each other on Zoom because they are remote working? Escape rooms and our Medieval Games bring people together. There’s no better way to really get to know someone.

Photo gallery

howdens7 copy

What an amazing night! We were on a works team building night out and this was so much fun. The theme was great, Charlie and Claire were brilliant hosts. 

waitroseteam01 copy

What a great activity! The time flew by and the hosts were great at adding to the drama and fun. Perfect difficulty level and a really rewarding night out. Definitely recommend!




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