Spectre Rules & Tips


Our game uses smoke machines by default. The standard type that uses glycerine. If this is likely to cause a problem with anyone in your group, or you prefer to not have smoke machines as part of the experience, please let us know in advance of your visit.

Escape Game Rules:

Nobody wants to read boring rules, so don’t do stupid stuff that makes this list longer and even more boring to read. Remember that we record your behaviour for insurance and training purposes.

1: Please keep your clothes on at all times. (You can leave your coats and bags safely at the entrance area on the coat stand) Naked is not acceptable. Just underwear is probably OK

2: If it looks like an electric socket and tastes like an electric socket, it probably is an electric socket. The only thing you will win by sticking something into it is a trip to heaven (or most likely the other place)

3: There is nothing under the carpets, except the estate agency downstairs. There is nothing in/above the ceiling except the residents who live upstairs. Neither of these sets of people are part of the game. If you see them – hide.

4: Escape rooms are game of the mind, not of strength. This building is Grade II listed, so is very very old. As such it’s quite fragile, so PLEASE don’t use excess force on ANYTHING. As a general rule, if it already moves, it’s probably meant to move, if there are bits of glue attached, it goes bang or won’t go back to its original position, it probably wasn’t meant to move.

5: If it looks heavy – don’t tip it over. The floors are full of woodworm, nobody wants to end up in the estate agency downstairs. Stickers are provided to try and stop you from destroying the props.

6: Mind your head. Sometimes not looking where you are going can mean that your thick head can cause damage to the beautiful wonky old building. There are low beams and doorways in our very old listed building, Please don’t add any more structural instability to this crumbling ruin.

7: There is no need to climb on/through anything. There is a perfectly lovely play-park nearby if this is your thing.

8: Do not press anything that looks like glass. It costs a lot of money every time we have to replace it and drive you to hospital. The game operative will immediately pass out at the first sign of blood.

9: Don’t turn up drunk – you’ll just get frustrated that you can’t get past the first puzzle, and we will mess with the heating, the clock and your mind.

10. It is important that you turn up at your chosen time to begin your game. There is no need to turn up early, we can’t let you in until your allotted time. The clock starts from three minutes after your allocated time slot whether you are there or not. We will let you in if you’re late, but we can’t change the clock. This is because it will have a knock-on effect on the rest of the time slots. For the same reasons, we can’t let your game run for more than the time on the clock.

11: Don’t drink out of the toilet. The toilet is ‘in the game’ but is not part of the game. Yes you can use it, but you won’t need anything out of it. There are no clues around the ubend. We can’t let you in early to use the toilet – you’ll see why when you get there.

NEW RULE SECTION: Yes a few people have done this!

12: Please turn up at the correct escape room. We are located at 49c Castle Street, NOT Fisherton Street. That game is run by a different company.

Map ref: https://goo.gl/maps/rqWhGmsWZGN2

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We look forward to seeing you at Live Escape Salisbury – GOOD LUCK!

What do we do?

This is the most commonly asked question when people get into the room! The purpose of escape rooms is to spend enjoyable quality time with friends, family, colleagues.How much you get out of the experience all depends how you put in and work as a team. The first thing to do is take a look around, look for written clues to guide you. Many people don’t escape within the hour. You can avoid being one of them by following the tips below.


1: SPECTRE is non linear. This means that it’s not a case of solving problems in sequence. Sometimes you may get an object that you can’t use immediately, some times you might see a puzzle where you don’t have all the information yet. Work out what you can do, and what you can’t yet. Determine which objects or bits of information are relevant to each other.

2: Have a very good look around the room before starting. This is something all good escape game players do. Not just doing the first thing presented, then getting frustrated because the task seems impossible. Check through everything, the path will probably reveal itself when you have more information.

3: Talk to each other. It’s usually the quiet ones that figure out the right way, while the loud ones lead people confidently down the wrong path. You won’t succeed if you don’t talk to each other and share information about what you’ve found or done.

4: Know when to work together, and when to split your resources for best time advantage. Some tasks require at least 2 people.

5: Not everything in the room is part of a puzzle. In order to create a more realistic immersive experience we use props. Most of the time they are labelled ‘not part of the game’, sometimes the label isn’t in plain view. First find the puzzle, then find the clues or objects you need to solve them.

7: Pay attention to detail. A missed instruction can lead to a long chain of errors. Make sure you read and understand properly the written clues dotted around. Most of the written instructions/clues should be obvious and are important. Did you notice the missing 6?

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