Becoming a paranormal investigator

The terms and conditions

1. Before entering the building Spire Spooks Paranormal will brief you on health and safety, Covid 19 safety and rules of entering and leaving the premises.

2. If anyone is suspected of drinking alcohol or taking drugs, Spire Spooks reserve the right to reject entry to the event.

3. When leaving the event you will ensure that due to the lateness of the hour you will respect the needs of nearby residents, by leaving quietly and quickly.

4. The Spire Spooks and Live Escape Salisbury team will not be liable for any damage or loss to property and personal equipment either on the journey to the event, during the event and on the journey back home from the event. This includes any damage that may be caused by any spiritual or poltergeist activity during the event.

5. Each client must be aware that they attend the events at their own risk. Live Escape Salisbury and Spire Spooks Paranormal accept no liability for any accident/incident/injury to a client however it may be caused. Spire Spooks attempt to foresee any potential problems or hazards in order eliminate them before the event. However, due to the nature of the events and locations accidents can still happen. We encourage all our clients to have their own third party public liability insurance. Although Spire Spooks Paranormal has its own public liability insurance. Please contact us for any additional information on this.

6. By accepting and agreeing with these terms and conditions you are further indemnifying the promoters/organisers/individuals from and against all legal liability in respect of any claims, damages, costs, penalties, actions, demands, proceedings, any kind of legal suits, losses or expenses amounted in respect of or arising out of the injury to or the death of any person, or persons, or damage to any property arising from the clients participation and involvement in the event or activity or premises pertaining to the event.

7. There are occasions when events are cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of Live Escape Salisbury or Spire Spooks Paranormal. Live Escape Salisbury and Spire Spooks will endeavour to reschedule the event with more than one choice of date. If you are unable to make the rescheduled date then we will credit your booking account with all monies paid which you can use towards a future booking of your choice from the website subject to availability. We will endeavour to ensure that every client is made aware of a cancelled event as soon as possible. However, if this has not been possible, Spire Spooks Paranormal or Live Escape Salisbury will not refund any expenses incurred due to the cancellation of an event, this includes travel and hotel expenses.

8. Spire Spooks Paranormal only use responsible and reputable mediums and paranormal investigators. However, Barry and Ian can only offer you their own perspective and this should be considered when deciphering information. You are responsible for making your own decisions about what you are experiencing and act according to your own beliefs not the beliefs of others. Spire Spooks Paranormal and Live Escape Salisbury recognise that statements are the sole opinion of the medium, host, or investigator and not a reflection of Live Escape Salisbury’s or Spire Spooks Paranormal’s policies and opinions. There are no guarantees in relation to what is truth and what may be an offered opinion.

9. Any information that we may receive from you or that is requested by us in relation to names, addresses, email addresses or contact telephone numbers is sensitive and will not be used for any purposes other than to be incorporated into our database for Spire Spooks Paranormal and Live Escape Salisbury as per new legislation in GDPR laws.

10. Spire Spooks Paranormal hold their events at locations that have demonstrated paranormal activity witnessed and recorded by ourselves and others. It is impossible to guarantee what activity may occur during an event. This may be minimal or very intense resulting in injury to yourself or your clothing due to paranormal activity. Live Escape Salisbury and Spire Spooks Paranormal accept no responsibility for whatever may occur as a result of any paranormal activity. It also accepts no responsibility if minimal or no activity is experienced on an event.

11. Due to the lateness of the investigation Spire Spooks Paranormal suggest you make arrangements that ensure you are not too tired to drive and perhaps book into a hotel or guest house prior to the event. Remember Tiredness Can Kill.

12. The use of cameras, filming and recording equipment is permitted on our events subject to limitations. Any footage caught is deemed to be for personal use only and not for public view and ownership of this footage either audio or visual belongs solely with Spire Spooks Paranormal and Live Escape Salisbury. Before commencing video or audio capture you must advise anybody being recorded so that they are aware and have the choice not to be included. It is also imperative that you seek consent from Spire Spooks Paranormal by email before releasing any audio or visual footage into the public domain and this includes Facebook and personal websites. This is to ensure that our guests, events and our locations are not compromised in any way. Failure to comply with this could lead to legal action being taken. 

Cancellations by us

We can cancel a Spire Spooks event at any time for any reason at our own discretion. We can particularly cancel an event if not enough customers have booked to make in financially viable to operate. If we have to cancel, we will tell you as soon as reasonably possible. In these circumstances we will move your booking to a future event, or place your monies on your Spire Spooks Booking Account for you to use on a future date. We will have no other liability whatsoever to you. This includes refunds on any hotel bookings or refunds on any travel arrangements or other costs incurred relating to the cancelled event.

Cancellations & refunds

13. It is your responsibility at the time of booking to ensure that you are able to make the event date. You must give at least 48 hours notice if you cannot make your booking. If you give 48 hours notice we will be able to reschedule your booking.  You must let us know if you are unable to attend an event as the team will be waiting for you to arrive.

14. We cannot put your places back up for sale on the website if you are unable to attend your event. However, if the ticket price has been paid in full your tickets can be transferred to a third party and where applicable you can advertise your tickets for sale on our Facebook Group Page. However, these tickets cannot be sold on any other advertising site due to the terms and conditions associated with them.  Please note that Spire Spooks Paranormal and Live Escape Salisbury accept no liability for any third party transactions made via this method nor will Spire Spooks Paranormal or Live Escape Salisbury enter into any correspondence to help with this transaction.

15. All guests need to be directed towards Live Escape Salisbury / Spire Spooks Paranormal Terms and Conditions and it will be deemed that the person(s) purchasing your tickets have been asked by you to ensure that the terms and conditions have been read and agreed by all concerned. We will need the name, telephone number and email of the person purchasing your tickets. Failure to do so will result in those guests not being allowed to enter the location.

Health & Safety

Covid safety

Unless you are from the same household, masks are to be worn at all times. If you are exempt from wearing masks a face shield must be worn. You will be able to take regular breaks outside to have some time off wearing one.

Hands must be sanitised on entry, and you are required to scan the QR code for NHS track and trace.

Until the government guidelines change, the number of people in the building has been restricted to 6 people max (guests) for your safety.

Please still respect social distancing rules.

Cross keys building

The building itself is a 14th century building with internal oak beams. Some are low and you will have to mind your heads. The staircases are steep to all floors and uneven so please take extra care when going up and down stairs.

There is a kitchen on the second floor where there are very low pipes, some of which are hard to see, so torches are to be used when entering this part of the building.

Please respect the building as it is very old and Spire Spooks and Live Escape Salisbury would like to carry on with the ghost hunts.

On all floors you must be aware of steps and uneven floor surfaces. Spire Spooks will point out all areas where you need to take special care.

Fire escapes

There are two fire escapes in the building. One at the back of the building on the ground floor and one on the third floor leading to the delivery point of the Cross Keys. In the event of a fire leave the building by one of these exits and the assembly point will be outside The Guildhall in the market place.

If anyone needs to leave the event before the end please ensure you Spire Spooks know so they can mark you as left.

We will be having several breaks during the event. If you are a smoker you have to smoke out on the main path out of the Cross Keys centre. This is because smoking is banned in the shopping centre. Hands must be re-sanitised.

All equipment used will be sanitised after every use and if you borrow any equipment please take care of it.

Please be considerate to each other’s beliefs feelings and experiences. As people feel and experience different things.

The evening is for you to come and investigate the building. The more you put into it the more you get out of it.

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