The Brig


Play The Brig escape room in Salisbury at our 14th century venue in The Cross Keys.  This game can be played on its own with up to 5 players or as part of a versus escape experience for 4-11 people.

The plot of The Brig

Captured by the East India Trading Company you and your pirate crew have been chained up and locked in the brig of their galleon, anchored in Salisbury Docks.

When the King’s men arrive you and your crew will face the executioner.

Use your collective cunning to escape your floating prison and reclaim your treasure (currently being plundered at The Plume of Feathers Inn).

Want to play the versus game?

The Brig can be played alongside Pieces of Eight, our pirate puzzle chests. Both games take up the same space in our pirate tavern – you can even see each other play, so it’s the perfect opportunity to goad your friends and family and bring out your competitive sides.

Up to 5 crewmates are shackled in chains in The Brig and up to 6 buccaneers are at the table attempting to plunder Captain Bartholomew’s treasure. The restrained prisoners must first find their keys to release themselves and then solve their way out of The Brig’s escape cell door. All before those pesky looters get to your treasure and you face the executioner.

Those tackling the treasure chests will also be able to mock their captured adversaries with flagons of ales, wines and rum!

Afterwards, take as many pirate themed team photos as you wish to capture your memories.

Let our tavern staff welcome you all for an hour of fun to remember in Salisbury.

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