Pieces of Eight – puzzle chests



Welcome, buccaneers, to a new kind of experience. Play as a team to find the hidden treasure in our three puzzle chests – Pieces of Eight. You will have the use of our beautiful pirate tavern to see if you can solve your way through three pirate chests. Solving the puzzles as you go you have 60 minutes to open the final chest and plunder the treasure.

Similar to a traditional escape room, the challenge is themed with its own story line, only this time you will be up against the clock but all in one spot, focussed on the puzzles in front of you at the captain’s table. If you need helpful clues – our innovative clue system means you won’t need to contact a member of staff. Simply go to your message in a bottle.

Hidden mechanisms, cool props, plenty of puzzles plus you can purchase a glass of ale or wine to sip for while you play. The perfect thing to do in Salisbury for teams of up to six people. Bring your friends, family or work colleagues as part of your day out in Salisbury. (This game is for those who love puzzles  – so may not be suitable for players under 14).

The story

Your band of buccaneers have discovered an enticing message revealing the existence of buried treasure. It was hidden by the infamous Captain Bartholomew, who is presumed to be at the bottom of Davy Jones’s Locker. It’s come to light he has been spotted on the island of Tortuga. Find him and you may just unearth the Caribbean’s most valuable haul.

The setting

Our location in the Cross Keys Shopping Centre forms part of the Grade II Listed 14th century building that was once The Plume of Feathers Inn. Just across from us is the stunning original Jacobean Staircase, perfectly preserved.

Bursting with original features inside and out, at Live Escape Salisbury your team will be able to spend the hour in our pirate tavern on the ground floor. Music, candle light and a glass of ale or wine will all help transport you back in time. 

Who to bring

Pieces of Eight is playable for teams of two to six people and is a set price, no matter your team size. We recommend four players to be the perfect number. To simply play the puzzle chest game in our pirate tavern the cost is £60 per team. A (limited) drinks package is also available at a cost of £5 per alcoholic drink and £2.50 for soft drinks (choose your drink before the game begins). Simply book everything online here or place your order for drinks at the tavern on arrival.

This experience is NOT suitable for children’s parties or players under the age of 14.

Want to play the versus game?

Pieces of Eight can be played alongside The Brig. Both games take up the same space in our pirate tavern – you can even see each other play, so it’s the perfect opportunity to goad your friends and family and bring out your competitive sides.

Up to 5 crewmates are shackled in chains in The Brig and up to 6 buccaneers are at the table attempting to plunder Captain Bartholomew’s treasure. The restrained prisoners must first find their keys to release themselves and then solve their way out of The Brig’s escape cell door. All before those pesky looters get to your treasure and you face the executioner.

Those tackling the treasure chests will also be able to mock their captured adversaries with flagons of ales, wines and rum!

Afterwards, take as many pirate themed team photos as you wish to capture your memories.

Let our tavern staff welcome you all for an hour of fun to remember in Salisbury.

Want to book now? Then simply click here.

Purchasing alcohol

You must be 18 years of age to purchase alcohol for Pieces of Eight. If your host suspects you are under age they will ask you for identification for proof of age. Only a valid passport or driving licence will be accepted. If you are found to be under age you will be refused alcohol and no refund will be given. Only soft drinks are available for under 18s.

Alcoholic drinks: Downton Brewery Ales, red and white wine, Prosecco, or Morgans Spiced Rum and Coke.

Soft drinks: Appletizer, Elderflower Presse, or Diet Coke.


Unfortunately we are unable to offer military, NHS, NUS or Bluelight discounts for this particular game.

With thanks

Our pirate chests were lovingly created by our friends at Co-Decode Swindon. If you have already played their portable pirate chests, you will find Pieces of Eight to be a shorter, 60-minute version.

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