POD – online escape room (now closed)


This game closed September 7th.


Can you help save the earth from the impending alien invasion? NERD, an extra terrestrial, has been living among us for hundreds of years after crash landing on earth in his spacecraft.

With his ship now fixed, he is ready to harness the energy of Stonehenge to power up his Portal Opening Device. But the portal will allow his fellow aliens to destroy earth. You must infiltrate the ship and power down the POD before NERD returns. You are earth’s only hope.

How it works
You are ‘Mission control’, a crack team assembled for your observational skills, puzzle solving ability and calmness under pressure. Mission Control can consist of between 1 and 3 households. Find a date and time for you all to convene online and book your slot via the link below. Your remote agent will email you instructions on how each household can log in to the ‘Zoom’ system ready to begin the mission at your chosen time.


Your remote agent will be your team’s eyes, ears, hands and feet during the 60 minutes. Use the dynamic online inventory system to take a closer look at what you find on the ship.

We recommend a second device to view the inventory.

Search the spacecraft, uncover the clues and solve the puzzles that will power down NERD’s Portal Opening Device.

How much does it cost?

The game costs £40 no matter how many households are playing over zoom.




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